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Marina L.

I've been using this syrup to gain weight and I've went from 130lbs to 150lbs in about two months while using apetamin! I love it!
Shara T.
I Gained Weight

This product worked for me. I start with a little not full dose and then build up in a bout three days then use it at breakfast and dinner.

With this product I have gained about 20 pounds it really helps me to eat more, which I need as I usually can't eat too much each meal,made gaining weight hard for me.

I also get stressed and then don't want to eat but with this I can eat more even when stressed and help gain weight. I am up over 20 lbs
Sherry M.
Really works!

This stuff really works! I gained 12 pounds in less than 2 weeks. My appetite has picked up tremendously.
Nicola H.
Great product

Great product, gained 20 pounds in 4 weeks love it thank you so much make you sleepy though but still love it make eat even when you don't want too thanks.
Dianne M.
Really Works

I have never written a review on anything, but Apetamin has given me a reason. I was skeptical at first b/c I've tried other things but they didn't work.

Apetamin has given me a big appetite and everybody notices that I eat more and am gaining weight. Highly recommend this product.
Have gained 12 lbs so far.
Jenny F.
God sent
I've been trying to gain weight so I begin to research weight gain products to help me gain weight!!

Luckily I came across this on the web and read the reviews.
So I ordered it, had it here in two days after ordering it!
I started at 136lb my goal is to get up to 155-160!

I started taking 15 ml before bedtime ! Every night! Made me sleepy the first three days all I could do is just eat, eat ,eat !!!!

I got on my scale 6 days later I went from 136 -to144 in 6days!!!!!
Dionisa W.
Immediate Results

Gained weight within the first week of taking Apetamin. I've gained a total of 30 lbs. Went from 100 lbs to 130.

I love this product. I will continue to take until i reach my desired weight.

I highly recommend this product if you want to put on pounds fast!
Carol Hahn
Miracle Juice
I can say one thing this stuff lives up to it's name.

My appetite was so bad I was living off of Ensure. I started taking this almost three weeks ago.

It doesn't make me hungry but my appetite has increased.
I am almost finished my second bottle.

I have gained 6 pounds. I would recommend this to anyone.
Khamille A.
I looooove it

I started taking this in February. I started with one bottle and saw the results FAST.

I weighed 103 before taking this now I'm at 154. GREAT PRODUCT!
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