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If you are underweight and having difficulty to gain weight well look no further Apetamin will help you to gain weight


What is Apetamin?

Apetamin  can help you gain weight if you are having difficulty doing so Apetamin contains a unique combination of Cyproheptadine, Lysine and Vitamins.  Cyproheptadine and Lysine, which being an essential and limiting amino acid, helps to promote appetite within an individual.  Besides helping in the synthesis of collagen tissue, Lysine also helps to improve immunity during infancy, childhood & adolescence.


How do I know which Apetamin is Authentic?

Authentic Apetamin comes in a Glass bottle 200mL


Who can Take Apetamin?

Women, Men and Children can take apetamin


What are the side affects?

The only side affect is that it makes you slightly drowsiness for approximately 2-3 days

How long does 1 Bottle of Apetamin Last?

1 week if taken correctly 

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